The Mongoose

“The mongoose…quite the interesting little creature!  So what does a mongoose have to do with marketing in your small business?  EVERYTHING!!  Mongooses are incredibly agile animals. They are very quick and can run directly up to a wall or corner at full speed and turn without even slowing down.  This is a model of how your marketing needs to be in this day and age.  Agile.  Flexible.  Ability to change directions quickly.  All of these elements are key.  Take a look around our website and contact us to discuss how we can help make your small business marketing more “mongoose-like”!!

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QR codes: What are they and how can they help my business?

You may be seeing these strange looking, square shaped, bar code-like images around town.

What are they?

They are what is called a QR code (quick response code).

If a person has a smart phone, they can download one of numerous free apps available to “scan” the code with their phone camera.  They will be immediately taken to a website or given a message.

Want to learn more on what you can do with QR codes in your business?

Visit Orange QR – they have a great explanation on the different types of QR code uses.  Try scanning this one as an example of the message you can deliver.  Contact The Marketing Mongoose to discuss options for integrating these in your marketing campaign.